Shaving Club

Shaving is a unique blend of time-honored art and new-age science.  The skills of the straight-edge blade have been replaced with today’s multy blade cartidges and high-performance cushioning pre-shave oils, shave balms and creams, and after-shaves to sooth and protect the skin.

We’ve gatheed the best products that have proven themselves through thousands of shaves.  Enjoy the products designed to help sooth overly-dry skin, protect over-oily skin, to erase the perceptions of thick beads, protect against in-grown hair folicles, and give the ultimate shaving experience.

Take a look around our site and pick the best products for your needs.  Fell completely protected by our 100% guarantee.  Try a product to see how well it works for you and if it doesn’t we’ll gladly replace it with a product that better suits your needs.

Our selection of pre-shave oil, shaving creams, after-shave, moisturizers, colognes, ingrown hair treatments, hair texture cream, shampoo, conditioners, sun screens, razors, blades, and brushes is sure to give you all the reasons needed to feel extremely comfortable as you shave.

Sun Screen

Protect your skin from the sun.


The best tools for a great shave are the razors for the stroke and brushes for the proper application of shaving creams.


Help your hair clean, manageable, and healthy with these great products.

In-Grown Hair

Prevent in-grown hair with our unique preventative products.


Smelling great is the sign of prosperity and gives your presense the edge it needs.  Exude the right image with our colognes.


Give your skin and hair the extra moisturization it needs to improve its condition or protect it from the elements.

After Shaves

Applying an after-shave locks in moisture to give your skin the youthful glow and moisturizing it needs to look its best.

Shaving Creams

Use the right shaving cream for your skin type and razor to ensure a smooth stroke without removing skin.

Pre-Shave Oils

Conditioning your skin and softening your beard is the first step to a great shave.